Band Biography
SUPERBLUME is a funky, booty-shaking jam band blossoming in Santa Cruz, California. With desire to inspire a world where everybody is free to be themselves, The SUPERBLUME concert experience oozes an atmosphere of love, togetherness, and self-expression.
Superblume's music weaves a wide range of improvised soundscapes through funky original compositions. Freely flowing from blissful rock n' roll to dark psychedelia to disco-funk and all spaces in between, Superblume aims to explore uncharted musical territory with every live performance.
"We want to take this crazy world and shake everyone into the moment together," says frontman Nate Smith. "One of the most beautiful experiences is when humans gather together to celebrate life and love and each other. The fear and the barriers and attachments that keep us separated fade away, and what's left is a magical moment of human connection. We want to create these moments every time we get on stage."
Superblume was given the award for "2023 Santa Cruz Band of the Year" by Swellies and the Nexties, both reputable local awards, and have quickly developed a loyal following of fans in the Santa Cruz. Notable accomplishments include rocking the Catalyst main stage with Spafford, playing Cornestone Berkeley with Diggin Dirt, creating a Superblume beer as a collaboration with Woodhouse Blending & Brewing, successfully completing a PNW tour, and being featured on the "No Simple Road" jamband podcast. The group also recently released a live album titled "We're aLIVE", and are currently in the process of recording their first studio album. Superblume has shared bills with a growing list of notable musical acts including Spafford, Diggin' Dirt, Cycles, Spunj, Band of Gringos, TV Broken 3rd eye open, Pacific Roots, and many others.
The seeds of Superblume were planted in 2019 when guitarist Nate Smith and drummer Taylor Brougham met at a jam session of Santa Cruz musicians. The pair immediately connected as friends and musical accomplices, as they shared the desire to create something new, explore, and bring people together. They began writing song after song, and were soon joined by shredder guitarist Jesse Glick, and groove master bassist Tommy Ohlman. In the dark days of the global pandemic, the seeds of Superblume started to sprout. With no live music allowed, the band had the gift of time to focus on songwriting and jamming. As the restrictions eased, Superblume was ready to show their colors. They hit the ground running in 2021, playing over 70 shows in their first year and selling out a hometown show at Moe's Alley! Superblume has quickly developed a community of loyal lovers, consistently drawing 200+ people to their hometown shows. Now they are ready to blossom and share their love and music all over the country.
Nate Smith - Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Glick - Guitar, Vocals
Taylor Brougham - Drums, Vocals
Tommy Ohlman - Bass Guitar, Vocals

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Contact Information
SUPERBLUME is an independent, member-managed band.

Phone:  831 - 346 - 7777
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